Digital Media Startup Puck Expands into Sports Journalism with Veteran Journalist John Ourand

Puck, a leading digital media startup, has recently made a significant move into the world of sports journalism by bringing on board veteran journalist John Ourand. With this strategic expansion, Puck aims to further establish its presence in the sports media industry and deliver high-quality sports content to its audience.

John Ourand, known for his extensive experience and expertise in sports journalism, will play a pivotal role in shaping Puck’s sports coverage. His deep understanding of the sports media landscape and strong industry connections will undoubtedly contribute to Puck’s efforts to provide insightful and engaging sports journalism.


In a bold move to broaden its coverage, digital media startup Puck has announced the hiring of veteran journalist John Ourand to lead its new sports vertical. Puck, known for its in-depth coverage of media, technology, and politics, aims to tap into the lucrative sports business industry with this expansion. Ourand, who spent 18 years at Sports Business Journal, is widely regarded as an industry expert in the intersection of sports and business. The addition of a sports vertical signifies Puck’s commitment to providing comprehensive coverage of the half trillion dollar enterprise that is the business of sports.

Puck’s Ambitious Expansion

Puck, primarily fueled by subscriptions and advertising revenue streams, recognizes the significant business opportunity presented by the sports industry. With a half trillion dollar enterprise encompassing leagues, agencies, media deals, and marketing, the world of sports offers fertile ground for reporting and analysis. Jon Kelly, co-founder and founding editor of Puck, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Ourand, emphasizing his reporting and analysis as essential tools for understanding the industrial changes, deal flow, and key figures dominating the sports space.

Despite having fewer than 50 employees, Puck has made waves in the journalism industry, often breaking significant stories ahead of legacy newsrooms. The startup, which combines the freedom of Substack with the resources of an established news outlet, has drawn the attention of industry players who eagerly follow its buzzworthy reporting. Puck’s journalists, who have built substantial personal brands, are not only contributors but also partners in the business, receiving a share of revenue from subscriptions and other ventures such as live events.

John Ourand’s Impressive Background

John Ourand’s departure from Sports Business Journal, where he enjoyed a reputation as one of the industry’s preeminent reporters, surprised many. Abraham D. Madkour, the publisher and executive editor of SBJ, expressed his personal devastation at Ourand’s departure but acknowledged his happiness for Ourand’s new opportunity at Puck. Ourand’s expertise in covering the intersection of sports and business will undoubtedly strengthen Puck’s sports vertical and provide readers with unparalleled insights into the industry.

Ourand’s decision to join Puck was driven by the great opportunity it presented. He expressed his admiration for Puck reporters like Matt Belloni and Bill Cohan, stating that he was already a big fan of their work and looked forward to collaborating with them. Ourand’s experience and deep understanding of the sports business landscape make him a valuable asset to Puck’s expansion and its mission to become a leading source of sports journalism.

Puck’s Rapid Growth and Financial Backing

Although Puck has not disclosed its exact subscriber numbers, the startup’s success is evident. In a recent Series B growth round, Puck raised $13 million, valuing the company at over $70 million. This substantial investment, combined with the attention it has garnered from prominent industry players, solidifies Puck’s position as a rising star in the media landscape. With the addition of the sports vertical and the hiring of John Ourand, Puck is poised to make a significant impact in the sports journalism sphere.

The Future of Puck’s Sports Vertical

With John Ourand at the helm of Puck’s sports vertical, readers can expect a fresh perspective on the business side of sports. Ourand’s extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the industry will enable Puck to break more exclusive stories and provide unparalleled analysis. By combining the resources of an established news outlet with the agility and innovation of a startup, Puck is well-positioned to become a go-to source for sports business reporting.

Puck’s expansion into the sports arena aligns with its overall mission to provide readers with insider access and comprehensive coverage across various sectors. As the sports industry continues to evolve, Puck aims to be at the forefront, delivering high-quality journalism that sheds light on the inner workings of the half trillion dollar enterprise. With J